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Cambridge Biorepository for Translational Medicine


CBTM serves to support multidisciplinary and collaborative research projects involving key institutions in Cambridge and beyond. It supports ongoing projects as well serving to stimulate and facilitate new translational research proposals utilising human tissue. CBTM aims to provide reliable access to fresh tissue for its collaborators, thus promoting research that is ultimately anticipated to improve the quality of healthcare for patients.  


Main Aims:


  • Long-term support of existing collaborations
  • Ensuring reliable and optimal access to fresh tissue
  • Obtaining additional ethical approvals for future studies
  • Closer coordination between researchers to maximise scientific output
  • Facilitation of new studies utilising tissue from the same donors
  • Storage of tissue in conjuction with the Tissue Bank

 Administration and Management of the Collaborations

The activities of CBTM include but are not limited to:

  • Research Ethics Committee application/amendments and R&D approvals
  • Tissue collection
  • Tissue processing as required by the collaborators
  • Obtaining informed consent for specific studies
  • Maintenance of databases relevant to specific collaborations

 Support for use of human tissue in in vivo studies 

  • CBTM works closely with the Cambridge In Vivo Assessment Platform to support in vivo translation of innovative laboratory studies. For more information, click here.





One of the main aims of the CBTM is to support and promote an environment of collaboration, outlined below. Further information about our existing collaborators, and how to become a collaborator, can be found here.

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